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Magnetic Make-up Board


I have boys that like to get into my make-up & destroy it. I also don’t have a lot of counter space or drawers in my bathroom (that I share with my 2 little boys & husband)!

So, you can imagine my dilemma!

I took a baking pan & covered the bottom with fabric & used spray adhesive glue to secure it in place.

I then glued magnets to the backs of my most commonly used make-up items.

I nailed the pan HIGH above my medicine cabinet (sooo far out of reach from my boys).


Space & make-up saver.

Tip: If I make another one of these I would use a flat baking sheet & spray paint it a cute color & apply a gloss spray over it.



Ugly Old Pillows Made Pretty!


I had some extremely ugly, old throw pillows that were passed down to me. I needed the pillows, but I couldn’t stand looking at mine anymore.

Instead of spending a ton of money on new ones, I went & grabbed some more appealing looking fabric & sewed it over the pillows.

Super simple solution!

This is my first sewing job ever, so I’m just happy it wasn’t a complete fail.

Not bad for a first attempt!

Now I just need a new couch…. :0)

Clipboard Art Wall


I needed a new way to display my boys’ artwork.


I decided to take 2 decorative clipboards & nail them to my wall. The clipboard allows me to easily change & update the artwork.

I put each of my kids names above their clipboard to make it easy to tell whose is whose.

I’m also going to get Wooden letters to put above the display to spell out ART.

Bathtime Organizer


This is an oversized dollar store pitcher turned bathtime organizer. This pitcher was taking over my fridge so I needed to think of a new use for it.

I used markers for writing on plastic & glass to decorate the outside & I stuffed all my boys’ toys into it. The handle made it easy to hang it from my over-the-toilet organizer. Now, all I have to do is dump the toys into the bathtub during bathtime & then I can use the pitcher to rinse them off!

Great way to re-purpose!