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Stephen Wiltshire


Stephen Wiltshire is perhaps one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever come across.

At a young age, Wiltshire was diagnosed with autism. Overtime, his teacher’s started noticing his love for art.

This is what he draws…

The most incredible part is…

He creates these detailed & accurate pieces FROM MEMORY.

Please check him out!


For All Homemaker’s Having a Hard Day…


I found this fitting…

We are expected to have it together 24/7.

We are expected to be cool, calm & collected at all times.

We are expected to make 25 hours worth of tasks happen in a 24 hour day.

We are expected to know where every item is at any given moment, should someone ask for it.

We are expected to be super mom & super wife… at the same time.

Why don’t we complain?

We have the silent satisfaction of knowing that each day happens because we make it happen.

You secretly know you are the glue of the family.

If you go down, the rest will follow.

Being a homemaker & a mother is a 24 hour job.

We take no vacations or sick days.

Be proud to write HOMEMAKER under job title on your medical updates & various applications.

Being a homemaker is what you make of it.

You are your own boss.

You are the new Bree Hodge & Martha Stewart put in one pretty little package.


Go show the world how it’s done & put the meaning of homemaker on a whole new level.

Have a good one ladies!