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Save Your Eggs!


If your eggs are near their expiration date, don’t pitch them or make an ungodly amount of hard boiled eggs. Freeze them!

Wisk the eggs with a little bit of milk as if you were going to make scrambeled eggs.

Instead of cooking them, pour the egg mixture into an ice cube tray.

2 cubes = 1 egg

Just thaw when ready to use!


Child Care Aware


Like any good parent, you want the best for your child.

For some, one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make for your children, is where they will go to daycare.

A lot goes into this decision. You’re leaving your most prized possession in the hands of complete strangers!

That leads to some very important questions & concerns.

Where do you even begin in looking for a child care center? What should you be looking for?

How do you know if it’s what you want?

Child Care Aware is an organization dedicated to making child care decisions as easy as possible.

This organization is even partnered with the military to help provide optimal assistance for military families.

So, if you need guidance with your child care decisions…

Check it out!

The Child Tax Credit


Here’s an additional tax credit you can take advantage of!

.The Child Tax Credit.

This information was obtained directly from the IRS website.

You may be able to reduce your federal income tax by up to $1,000 for each
qualifying child under the age of 17!

Things to Consider:

  1. The child cannot have paid more than 1/2 of their own support.
  2. The child must be under 17 & be filed as your dependent.
  3. The credit is limited if your modified adjusted gross income is above a certain amount, which is based on your filing status. For example, for married individuals filing jointly, the amount begins at $110,000.
  4.  If the amount of your Child Tax Credit is greater than the amount of income tax
    you owe, you may be able to claim the Additional Child Tax Credit.
Hope this helps! 

The Child & Dependent Care Tax Credit


I came across another tax credit for everyone!

This information was gathered straight from the IRS website.

You must have a dependent child to qualify!

  1. The dependent child must be 12 years old or younger, or the individual must be physically/mentally unable to care for themselves.
  2. The care must have been provided so you could work or look for work.
  3. You must have earned income.
  4. Child care could not have been provided by your spouse, parent/guardian, a dependent, or an individual under the age of 19. You must list this provider on your tax return.
  5. The credit can be for up to 35% of your qualified expenses.
  6. You may use up to $3,000 of expenses paid in a year for one qualifying individual, or $6,000 for two.
  7. The qualifying expenses must be reduced by the amount of any dependent care benefits provided by your employer that you deduct or exclude from your income.
  8. If you pay someone to come to your home & care for your dependent, you may be a household employer and may have to withhold and pay social security and Medicare tax and pay federal unemployment tax.

With that said, I would only take advantage of this Credit if you send your child to a facility, or if you have a professional service or individual care come in to assist you.

Hope this helps!


I just joined this site today!

If you enjoy reading like I do, this is the perfect site!

You basically swap books, movies, games & CDs with others & you only pay shipping when you’re sending something out.

This is just an alternative to visiting your neighborhood library.

(The main difference between this & the library is you get rid of your old books & trade them for new ones.)