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Science Lesson: Animals live in different habitats


Teach your child that animals live in different habitats.

They live in the desert, the ocean, the jungle & at the farm.

This could be a fun lesson.

Take a trip to your local farm, zoo, &/or aquarium!

Have fun!



Science Lesson: Plants


One science lesson you can easily cover with your kids is regarding plants.

Teach them:

  1. Plants are living things & need food, water, light & air to survive.
  2. There are many different kinds of plants.
  3. The different parts of a basic plant (seeds, flower, stem, leaves, roots).
  4. About seeds
  5. About the life cycle of a plant.
  6. Plants make food for people & are important in our world.

Go for a walk & point out the different plants you see. Engage in any discussion that comes to mind.

Plant a flower or a seed with your child so they can watch it grow!

Have fun!


August: All About Me: 5 Senses


This is a great time to introduce your child to the 5 senses. You can relate each sense to your child.

When talking about your child’s eyes, talk about what it is to see.

When talking about your child’s mouth, talk about taste.

When talking about your child’s ears, talk about hearing.

When talking about your child’s nose, talk about smelling.

Finally, when talking about your child’s hands, talk about touching & feeling.

Basic Animal Science Lesson


First, find a good animal book, or maybe even a couple, & use it to introduce your child to these basic concepts.

  1. Animals are living things
  2. Animals move in different ways
  3. Animals have ways to protect themselves (shells, camouflage, smell, poison, etc.)
  4. Animals eat plants or other animals (carnivors, herbivores, omnivores)
  5. Animals grow & change (baby animals vs. adult animals – for this i would get a baby animal book)
  6. Some animals live & work together

August: All About Me: Bones


Children should start being introduced to the names of some of their bones.

Teach them:

  • Bones give our bodies shape & strength.
  • Their bodies contain 206 bones! They will be amazed.
  • Bones protect our sensitive organs like our brain, heart & lungs.
  • Bones are alive! Each bone is hollow & contains a soft material inside called marrow. Marrow makes our bones lighter & easier to move.
  • Bones grow! They absorb calcium & other minerals to help make them strong (which is why it’s important for us to drink milk).

Use these pictures to help teach your children some of the main bones!