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Beginning Shapes: Oval


First, introduce your child to the basic shapes below.

Next, we will focus exclusively on the oval.

This worksheet incorporates the number one & colors as well, which I like.



Teaching Your Child To Count: #1-5 (Post 3)


Yet again, here is another worksheet for working on the #1-5 sequence with your child. This worksheet is from the I Can Learn With Pooh Early Skills Series: Numbers and Counting Workbook.

Teaching Your Child to Count: #1-5 (Post 1)


When teaching your child to count, I found it is better to teach numbers in groups, then just focusing on individual numbers. As you teach your child, review the previous numbers the next day. This helps to teach your child order & increasing value.

To begin, we will start with the sequence of 1-5, with special attention to 1. The following day, do the same thing & pay special attention to 2 & then to 3 & so on..

I recommend using flashcards & worksheets for this. Also, remember to show your child how to count using their fingers!

I really like the Sesame Street Workbook Counting with The Count. Start with the following worksheet to introduce your child to the numbers 1,2 & 3.