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Teaching Your Child Ways to Stay Healthy


These are just a few examples of things to touch on.

Health is a very important topic to teach your children at a young age.

You want your children to carry these healthy habits with them throughout their life so start them young!

  1. Eat Healthy Food (teach your child examples of healthy & unhealthy foods).
  2. Drink water.
  3. Get plenty of sleep.
  4. Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  5. Exercise & play outside daily!
  6. Wear sunscreen if outside.


Eye Contact


It’s important to teach your child eye contact. Teach them that when speaking to someone else, it is good manners to look at someone in the eye rather than at the floor or at other things. Even if they are shy, we still must remain eye contact. It not only expresses good manners, but also confidence.

Practice with your child today!